How can I get my 5 month old daughter to drink formula from a bottle?!?

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Okay, so I have breastfed my daughter for 5 months now, and have tried 4-5 different bottles with formula and breast milk. She refuses to drink. I want to be done breasfeeding so I have decided to only try giving her a bottle of formula today and she has only had about 1/2 an ounce so far and it is 3:24pm my time. I'm worried about that, but I am trying to be persistent because I cannot breasfeed anymore. I haven't left my child in 5months because of this and I'm done. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I had this problem with my baby. I would try just giving her formula and don't mix it with breastmilk.. Have someone else give her the bottle... If that doesn't work, then try mixing the breastmilk with the formula... I also used a lot of different bottles and I liked Dr. Brown's the best...

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