I am pregnant and nursing a 3 mo. old. How can I ensure that I can continue to breastfeed while pregnant?

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I want to make sure that I can continue to breasfeed my newborn while pregnant. I have heard that most of the time, a woman's milk supply dries up. How can I keep this from happening so that I don't have to give up nursing my new baby? Is it possible to continue to nurse my baby while pregnant? Anybody out there who has done this with a baby as young as mine is? Help!!!

Oh boy! I don't envy you having such a young baby and being pregnant with your next. It's hard work doing either one, let alone both together!

Definitely make sure you are taking great care of yourself and your diet. You need a LOT of calories to make milk and make a baby. You also need to get plenty of protein and all your vitamins and minerals, so make sure you take a good prenatal multivitamin. And drink plenty of water! 10-12 glasses a day.

You can certainly continue to nurse your baby. Many people do. The link to kellymom.com is an excellent one. That website has all the info about breastfeeding that you could ever need!

You may find, however, that when your milk changes and becomes more colostrum-y at around 4-5 months gestation your baby will stop nursing because he doesn't like the taste any more, so be prepared for that possibility.

It sounds like you have a great attitude, which is at least half the battle. I wish you and your family all the best! Happy BFing!

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