What can I do to establish a bigger milk supply?

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My baby is 7 weeks old. I am breastfeeding. However, no matter how much water I drink or how often I breasfeed, sometimes I dont have enough milk to satisfy him and I have to supplement with formula. I really want him to be drinking more breastmilk then formula. Is there anything I can take, eat or drink that will increase my milk supply?

Yes, nurse him more and stop supplementing.

Every ounce of formula you give him is more breastmilk you aren't making.

I know it's scary to take the big leap, but if you stop the supplementing and allow the baby to nurse whenever he wants and as long as he wants, you will have enough within a day or two.

You can eat oatmeal, and take fenugreek, make sure you're drinking plenty of water. But the tried and true method is to nurse your baby on demand.

Your baby probably went through a growth spurt at 6-7 weeks. It seemed like he was nursing constantly. When they nurse like that it increases your milk supply naturally. If you supplement you are breaking that supply and demand cycle. Babies go through growth spurts, allow them to nurse when they want and your supply will catch up to their demand.

Have FAITH in your body's ability to nourish your precious child. You can do it.

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