What different between baby food grinder and food mill?

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Jayden was

What else do you need to make home baby food besides food grinder? How do you steam it? Do they sell the thing for steaming baby food? And storage?

If it possible, Could you list everything we need to have to make baby food?

My baby is only 3 months , i don't mean to feed him now but i love to know all the tips to make him food by myself. I'm 1st time mom can't wait till i feed him solid food n so excited :)


Basically, there's no difference between a baby food grinder and food mill, it's just the baby food grinder has "baby" in it so it's typically designed for making foods for babies but obviously, they have the same use, to make foods that can be easily digest. It's good to feed him solid feeds when he/she can already, just try first the natural way like boiling, etc. but ALWAYS remember, breastfeeding is still the best for babies.

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