How bad is it to let my baby sleep on her tummy?

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 on Tips on How to Get a Baby to Sleep through the Night
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Mandy S

I know that letting a baby sleep on her tummy increases the risk of SIDS but it is the only way she will stay asleep. Any suggestions?
my baby is 8weeks old

How old is your baby.

I know they say not to but if your baby has good control of their neck and it is easier. My little girl had a brace on from 3 to 6 months which meant she had to lie the way I put her down. I always put her on her back and she started night waking again. As soon as the brace came off she would roll on to her tummy and wouldn't sleep any other way. I was up all the time trying to flip her over then I would wake her up and it was hard tto settle her again. In the end I just left her on tummy. She was older than your little one tho. As long as you have taken away all the other SIDS risk factors I suppose that is all you can do.

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