How can having a baby w/ your full blood brother/sister affect the baby and is it illegal?

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I want an honest anwser.!
because someone i know did this and i want to kno if it is illegal or not
And i want to know what is the mostly likly possibility of the babys health?
& if it is illegal is it illegal in our country
And why dont people get arrested for it?
Because they are putting another life in their hand and giving them a mostly likly chance of being bullyed or disabled genetically.

It is illegal in most countries. And the baby will more than likely end up being Deformed and suffering from mental dysfunctions. Essentially, if two people that are related (same genes) have sex then the baby will have minor mutations that will cause it to end up with disabilities such as speech impairment, face deformities, bodily deformities etc. Overall not a good idea because the baby won't be created properly if the genes are the same.

~It is illegal in Canada&USA and the UK.

~ It is a crime that you will be charged and arrested for, Usually a big fine and up to 5 years in jail.

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