How can me and my boyfriend adopt a newborn? Or find a surrogate to carry our baby?

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We live in Ct, finishing our last year or so in high school, planning for our future. :] What every future parent should do. I am so sad I can't have my own baby, health reasons why, somehow I was born un able to proceed my dr said. So me & my boyfriend researched found a few options, we do not want foster because then we give the baby back. We wanna keep the baby until they are grown enough to live on their own.. The surrogate process is so expensive, we will never be able to get that money.. the range is 60,000 $ to 80,000 $ & thats alot to get also buying the baby supplies & all of that.. Any help? Any advice? Any experiences?

No Rude Answers! :]

Your best bet is to go through college or a trade school and get good, high paying careers. Start saving money and eventually get married. After you're establish with some cash behind you, start researching why you can't have kids. Is it something that a donor egg would help or would you need a surrogate with a donated egg? Then if you can't carry, start contacting agencies and see if you can adopt.

However, make sure you have a good career though. Adopting can be painful and frustrating.

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