How does a first time mother learn to breastfeed?

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Q. My husband and I are trying for our first baby soon.

I am really hoping to breasfeed when I have my baby, but a lot of my friends said it was too hard and they quit.

How does a new mother learn to breastfeed?

-From reading internet information?
-From a nurse after giving birth?
-From books?

I feel discouraged already and I am not even pregnant. My mother breasfed 4 children and said it was so easy, but none of my friends "could do it."

Any advice?


I am sorry you are feeling discouraged! Cheer up, you CAN do this!

My mother breastfed all 4 of her children too, and I am currently breastfeeding number 5!

It is easy, once you get the hang of it. I'd say the first 6-8 weeks are the hardest, but if you get past that, breastfeeding is SO much easier than bottles. Just stay strong until 8 weeks, make that a goal, and see how it goes from there.

Read all you can on the subject. Read webpages. Check out library books. See if you can find a La Leche League group near you to meet mommas who are breastfeeding.

How is your relationship with your mom? Would you feel comfortable having her come visit you in the hospital after the baby comes and helping you?

My mom helped me and my sisters. It was great, because well, she's my mom so I was more relaxed with her than with the nurses I'd never met before. I knew she had experience nursing, so I trusted her to give good information. (And she did! Stuff she told me still comes in handy years later!)

Another thing that helps is attitude. I *really* wanted to breastfeed. I was determined that short of an act of God making it impossible I was darn well GOING to breastfeed. If anyone told me I probably would end up not being able to breastfeed it made me want to do it MORE just to prove I could! That stubborn determination got me through sore nipples, a sleepy newborn who was hard to keep latched on, and a painful case of mastitis. In the end, it was 100% worth it.

I wish you all the best! You will do just fine.

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