How long of a stretch does your baby sleep?

baby sleep
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How long does your baby sleep? How old?

My boy is 7 months. He sleeps from 8 pm to 4 am, eats and then sleeps 4:30 am to about 8 am. He naps from about 1 pm to 3 pm also.

That seems pretty normal. The overall night sleep at that age seems to be about 10-14 hrs, depensing on how long of a nap or naps they take during the day. 12-15 hrs total per had day is normal. Some wake more often than yours seems to, but that is normal too. How often a baby wakes seems to vary widely. Some don't have any lengthy waking at all & some wake 4 or more times. Anything more than a 5 hr stretch, is considered "sleeping through the night" from a medical standpoint. It certainly doens't feel like it to momma though,. :)

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