How long should baby sleep in your room?

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T T T Tina

How long should the baby sleep in your room after its born? How long did you let your baby sleep in your room?

Also how long did you breast feed for, if you did breast feed?? Is it 6 months they recommend you breastfeed? Or is it more or less?

It's a personal choice. My son never slept in our room, he went in his crib as soon as we came home from the hospital. Others sleep in there for the first couple of years.

We preferred not to have our son in with us to avoid the trauma of trying to move him further down the line. I breastfed him, and it's recommended you do so for the first six months. Some do more, some do less, again it depends on you and your baby. Just because one mother recommends something (i.e. co-sleeping) it doesn't necessarily the best thing for you and your baby. Find your own routine and rhythm.

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