How many baby themed words can you think of that begin with the letter of the alphabet?

 on Top Baby Names of 2012
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Q. I am planning a baby shower and I need answers to the baby Abc game. The problem is I can't think of some of the letters

A-Applesauce, Apgar score
B-Bottle, Burp cloth
C-Carseat, Crying, Cradle Cap
D-Diaper, Drool, Delivery
E-Enfamil (formula), Early mornings
F-Formula, First steps
G-Gerber (brand for babies), Grin
H-Helpers, Highchairs
I-Itty Bitty, Isolette (the thing preemies need when born)
J-Jaundice (common when born), Jumper
L-Little clothes :), Love, Layette, Labor, Lightening (happens in labor)
M-Mommy!, Medicine, Mushy food
N-Nappies (diapers), naps,
O-Outlet covers
P-Pacifiers, Pushing, Playtime
Q-Quilts (like for the wall that match the theme), Questions!
R-Rocking chair, Rocking horse, Robees (baby shoes)
S-Strollers, Spoon feeding, Sloppy kisses
T-Tummy time, toes, teething
V-Vericose veins!
W-Wailing, Warm baths
X-NO X-rays
Y-Yellow (common baby color)
Z-Zipper sleepers, Zoo (your house will turn into one!), Zygote

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