How many pairs of baby clothes should you have before the baby is born?

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Q. Before your baby is born how many pairs of clothes should you have on hand for the baby? Can you provide any specifics on clothes as to what kinds of clothes to have? I'm six months pregnant with a girl.

The first thought that comes to mind is: as many as possible! You'll be changing her clothes around 5-8 times a day.

Gowns- I found these to be easiest when my daughter was little. They'll keep her warm (long sleeve, covers the legs) since it's hard to keep them covered up all the time. It was also easier when it came time to change her diaper. If you can find the ones with the three snaps on the chest, get them instead of the ones with the envelope (cross over) shoulders. They fit closer to baby's neck and keep her shoulders from slipping out. I had about 10.

Oneies- At least 10. They are great for layering during the colder months and for wearing alone or with a pair of pants for the warmer months.

Footed one piece sleepers- I would suggest NOT buying these until she gets into 3-6 month clothes. Newborns keep their legs balled up (fetal) position most of the time. It's impossible to keep their little legs in the right holes. My daughter's legs were always in the part where her tummy should be!

Nicer outfits: day gowns, dresses, smocked outfits, bubble suits, etc.- I would have at least 5 "going out" outfits in each size for when you want her to look nice. If you plan to take her to church every sunday, you may want more.

Socks- between 10-20 pair. You won't change these as often as you do her clothes, but chances are you'll change them at least twice a day. Their little feet always find their way into the dirty diapers at changing time! Socks are also good to put over their hands to prevent facial scratching. You can buy mittens, but the elastic part of the socks stays in place better. Just a suggestion- don't get the cute little ankle socks, get crew socks. Ankle socks come off way too easy.

Receiving blankets- at least 10. These are the blankets you'll keep her wrapped in most often. They get dirty quickly (leaky diapers, giant poops, spit up, bottle dribble), so you'll change them often.

Thicker blankets- 3-5. These will be your going out in cold weather blankets. They're nice to use with a receiving blanket to make sure she stays nice and warm. Since they're not the primary blanket, they don't get dirty as quickly so it's ok to have less of these. If you live in a very cold environment, you may want more.

Burp cloths- You'll go through quiet a few of these as well. In my opinion, cloth diapers are more absorbant than the actual "burp cloths". If you buy two packs, you should have plenty. I know they're not the prettiest things in the world, but you can decorate them nicely... Start with brand new cloth diapers, wash and dry them, then sew a pretty strip of ribbon at the bottom. You can find some pre-done online. Some places will even embroider or monogram them.

Bibs- I didn't use many at all until my daughter started eating cereal and baby food from a spoon. If you hold the cloth diaper under her chin, you shouldn't need any at all, but if you prefer to use them, I would make sure to have at least one bib for every feeding time for three or four days (or how ever often you wash clothes).

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