How many pairs of baby clothes should you have before the baby is born?

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Q. Before your baby is born how many pairs of clothes should you have on hand for the baby? Can you provide any specifics on clothes as to what kinds of clothes to have? I'm six months pregnant with a girl.

just a couple going out outfits; depending on weather where u are, plenty of onesies and light/heavy weight footed pjs, or long sleeve onesies with a swaddler wrap or sleepsack; most nbs prefer swaddling and i recommend the 'swaddle me ' wraps by kiddopotamus....i swear they are why my dd has always slept through the night; after she got older we switched to the sleepsacks and she still wears those at a year old, so we don't have any blankets or anything in her crib....
u need a few pairs of socks
if it's a little cool, u might want a couple pairs of pants to go over the onesies....
sometimes in the ac my dd still gets cool, so i keep a light sweater or jacket around for those times....

until baby is older, you won't need much more than a couple outfits, bc they will probably spend most of their time in the onesies or sleepnplays (same as pjs with feet)....the number you buy depends on how often you want to do laundry....and if u use bibs...sometimes you would have to change clothes a couple times a day bc of spitup or diaper leak or poop explosion, etc.....if u don't have you own laundry facilities, then i would suggest buying at least enough for a week, figuring in the clothes changes...i definately recommend bibs too! sometimes they save the outfit and are much easier to change...
a lingerie bag is great for washing socks and those little hand mitts to keep them from scratching their face, they don't get lost that way....hth

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