What are the benefits to having a baby sleep in your bed?

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Q. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and am not planning on having my baby sleep in with us as I'm afraid I might squash the baby, the baby might fall out of the bed or the baby might get into bad habits and not want to sleep in a bed of it's own.<br>
A good point would be that you don't have to get out of bed if the baby cries, but this isn't enough to persuade me.<br>
Opinions ladies?<br>
Thanks :) x

I didn't think i was going to have the my baby's sleep in our bed but sometimes it just happened because I was just too tired to put him back into his own bed I also breastfed. I finally decided to put his bed right next to mine so I wouldn't have to far to move, They do make a thing the baby can sleep in your bed its call a co sleeper. the make them where they go right in the bed or it like a bassinets. Do what you think is best and safest for you and your baby, only you can make the right choice congrats and best of luck :)

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