What are the benefits to having a baby sleep in your bed?

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I'm 33 weeks pregnant and am not planning on having my baby sleep in with us as I'm afraid I might squash the baby, the baby might fall out of the bed or the baby might get into bad habits and not want to sleep in a bed of it's own.
A good point would be that you don't have to get out of bed if the baby cries, but this isn't enough to persuade me.
Opinions ladies?
Thanks :) x

I hardly ever put my baby in bed with me. Two reasons - first my husband was a wild sleeper. I was not afraid of myself rolling over on him, but my husband. Second - I would never get a good night sleep like that, I was always worried about my husband rolling over on the baby so I slept with one eye open almost.

This is what I learned to do and it worked well with both of my boys. When they woke up for their feeding, I would change the diaper first, then do the feeding. Normally by the time they were done feeding, they were almost back to sleep. My little ones ate fast and the whole process took less that 20 minutes.

A couple things I did do is I had the porta crib in the room with me for about 2 months then moved to his own room. Also I would put an night gown or pajama top in the crib with him. Not to where it would interfere with him or make him possibly smother himself, but just maybe lay him on top of the night gown like it was a blanket. It has your scent on it and the baby thinks it is you so they will go to sleep and stay asleep longer. Worked will with both of my boys.

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