Which is the larger threat to a babies health?

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I wanted to know which poses a greater threat to a babies health, or which had the most germs that affect humans, common body parts like our hands and lips, or something like a dog or a cat?

I had a disagreement with my GF when she was freaking out about a baby sucking on a dogs ear and the dog trying to lick the baby back. I replied that her hands were much more likely to get the baby sick than the dog, and people kissing the baby will likely give it herpes or something.

Also does being exposed to a dog at a young age cause you to have allergies later in life?

Actually, having a dog or cat in infancy reduces the risk of both allergies and asthma. More harmful are chemicals used by over-zealous cleaners. In fact, the list of known carcinogens in household cleaners is over four pages long.

Secondly, germs are probably equally likely to come from your hands as from the dog. Parasites, like pin worm or ring worm, however, are more likely to come from a dog who goes outside. All animals should be taken to the vet for a general check up before a new baby comes home to rule out parasites that are harmful to humans.

In truth, though, animal bites are a bigger danger and babies and dogs or cats should never be left alone together. Cats have also been known to fall asleep on top of sleeping infants and suffocate them.

Dogs and cats might be members of the family, but they are still animals who treat babies like pups or kittens and you should be very careful when the two are together.

It is very, very hard for new mothers to deal with sick children. Even with colds, babies suffer and you can't give them medicines that we know work for us because they affect the nervous system and can kill a baby or small child.

That said, you don't want them to never be sick because their immune systems won't have the chance to develop and when they start school or day care, they will be sick all of the time.

Fear of germs shouldn't stop you from exposing your child to all the experiences that make up your lives, but you do need to be careful and expect the unexpected. Stay near the baby when the animals are near and never, ever leave them alone together for the first four years. Too many children have been killed and or scarred for life by pet bites.

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