Baby Shower Games????


I have to help throw a Baby Shower.
My job is to think of some fun Baby Shower Games.
So my Question is;

Do any of you know any Good Games that can be played at a baby Shower?

Please & Thankyou!

Baby Bottle Drink off is fun and harder than you think.

Baby Animal Game - match up Baby Animal names with adult animal names.

Baby Shower Bingo is always fun and all ages can play.

Rubber Ducky race with a kids pool or baby bath.

Baby Food Feeding Races for teams or couples

Baby Outburst or Baby Jeopardy - Fun games but set for a baby shower

Diaper Games
Create a Diaper cake Game
Diaper-tionary - use Diapers to create objects your team must guess
More Diaper games here

And a full list of 50 baby shower games.

Good luck.

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