difference in these baby foods?

Hi, for the past 3 months we have been buying our son Heinz baby food - organic or regular - mostly the beginner stages ones. I have noticed though that the Gerber is much cheaper and was considering purchasing this one sometimes instead. I can't really figure out what the difference in the 2 names are. They are both brand names (I think) So why is the Gerber so much cheaper? Should I stick with the Heinz?
I also am considering making my own baby foods - I heard it was even more cost effective!

Heinz baby food is not sold in the area where I live so I don't know about it, but I do know that Gerber uses a lot of preservatives and fillers which is definitely not good for babies.Gerber does however make a limited selection of organic baby foods which are much better nutrition wise. I only use Earth's Best organic baby food for my daughter. It is a little pricier than Gerber but for her nutrition it is worth the price. Making your own baby food is great too. Just use fresh or frozen organic fruits and vegetables. It probablyis more cost effective and you can make large batches and freeze individual portions in ice cube trays. I have never made my own but my neighbor does for her son and my daughter has tried some of his and she really liked it.

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