My baby sleeps face-down!?


No matter how I lay my 6-month-old baby down at night, he rolls over onto his stomach and sleeps face down in his crib. It's driving me crazy because I can't sleep at night. I'm so afraid he won't be able to breathe...If I could just get him to turn his head to the side, I would feel much better. Does anyone else's baby do this?

Babies sleep in the oddest positions; it's hard to believe that they could be comfortable!!

You can't really control how your baby positions himself at night, except by staying up all night and constantly moving him. In this case, *neither* of you will get much sleep!

Since he is 6 months old, he presumably has pretty good head control. If he were to have trouble breathing, he would just move his head! So suffocation is pretty low risk. (In fact, most babies have good enough head control when lying down *from birth* that it's not usually a problem unless there is heavy bedding that they don't have the strength to move.) And he's past the peak period for SIDS, too. (Most SIDS deaths occur with babies 2-4 months old, and by 6 months, the number drops still further.)

If you are really concerned, you could put him in your bed instead of in a crib. Adult mattresses aren't plastic, so they are more breathable, plus you'd be right there next to him to make sure he's okay. But I doubt there's a real problem.

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