name of house song.. hey baby?


im looking for a house music song that has trumpet sound and there is a black guy driving a bus in the video and part of the Lyric is "hey baby baby" and i love to boom boom" and then the trumpet sound i saw the video in the club thanks...

Hey Baby by Bryan Adams
Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) by Pitbull
Hey Baby by J. J. Cale
Hey Baby by Must
Hey Baby by Pitbull
Hey Baby by Alabama
Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) by Jimi Hendrix
Hey Baby (After The Club) by Ashanti
Hey Baby, Here's That Song You Wanted by Blessthefall
Hey Baby (Jump Off) by Omarion
Hey Baby (Jump Off) by Bow Wow
Hey Baby by Ted Nugent
Hey Baby by Jimi Hendrix
Hey Baby by Janis Joplin
Hey Baby by No Doubt
Hey Baby by Jonas Brothers
Hey Baby by Deadmau5
Hey Baby (Jump Off) (feat. Omarion) by Bow Wow
Hey Baby, This Is Our Song! by Deaf Havana

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