When to start her on baby food?


I want to try and hold off on feeding my 4 month old baby food for awhile. I know she isnt supposed to have it til she is 6 months anyways, but I wanted to hold off a little longer. I also know she is able to eat cereal right now, but i want to wait awhile longer. Will this effect her growth, development, etc?
I am not saying i will not feed her anything, I just dont know if its ok to only feed her baby food, table food sometimes...not all the time. I dont know if she has to have it, or it can wait... I dont need rude answers. After all, YahooAnswers is for advice. AND this question isnt like I am trying to kill my child, or neglect her.
Like i just said, I am asking if its a problem to hold off. I am asking for advice, not criticizm. Jeesh, I feel like I am asking some horrible question.

Baby food is OK from 4 months, but no baby needs it so early. No, there will be no effect on growth or development if you leave it for a few weeks or even a few months. I started both my babies (now 13 yrs and 10 yrs) on one teaspoon per day at 6 months. They were still on one teaspoon at the age of 7 months. Foods given at this age are not for nutrition, which babies get from milk until the age of 1 year. Any foods are just to teach them how to eat and get them used to different tastes and textures. Some babies miss out some of the stages of weaning. For example, my younger child never accepted lumpy baby food but progressed happily from runny baby food to proper food. My friend's baby never had any baby food, and went straight to normal food, although I don't know what age he was.

Feel free to wait for quite some time if you want to, but if you leave it too long you might find that you miss the easiest time to persuade her to experiment with new tastes. So you should try to start by 8 months. You asked about table food. Don't give it too early, or there is a risk of choking. Wait until at least 11 months. And don't give gluten for the first year. If breast fed, don't give dairy products in the first year, but if formula fed this doesn't matter since she will already have been exposed to cows milk protein.

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