Scared For the babys health!!?

Q. Hello, Im a 17 year old Pregnant teenager. I am about 37 1/2 weeks pregnant. I just found out that my partner has cheated on me. I think i may have an STD! The baby could come anytime now. I was wondering wouldn't it be important to get checked out as soon as possible. My next doctors appointment isn't until next friday. But i need to know now, I dont want anything to happen to my baby. What should i do? Can you help please?
also i have painful sex like something is enlarged or seriously swollen inside me, really bad sore throat,, and itching irratation on the outside of the vagina. i wasnt worried i thought these could have been signs of pregnancy, until recentely my partner started to worry about having an std, i was tested but that was before he cheated on me,, he told me he only kissed this girl,, but i have proof that wasnt all,, so now im scared i dont want nothing to happen to the baby that is my main consern,,i dont know if im over reacting or what!?!
No im not still having sex with my partner.. i havent told him yet i just found out today that i kno he has had sex with another girl,, when he told me it was just a kiss,, BULLSHIT,, gosh it sucks being a teenager,, i dont have time to play these games he is playing,, me and him have been together for a year and half,,
Im scared and i dont know what i would say if i called the doctor,,, i mean what do i ask to speak to my doctor? well there are three doctors that i see.. its a group place,, i dont kno what to do or say???

It may be embarrassing or a bit creepy to have to have this conversation with a doctor or nurse face-to-face, especially since you don't have a relationship going with one person. Be as honest as possible - it's in your own best interest, and the best interest of your baby. Just tell them what you wrote here. Don't be afraid of seeming bad or foolish or anything else, you aren't the first patient of theirs to have a boyfriend cheat on her while she was pregnant.

Call your doctor and see if you can get your appointment moved to sooner. If nothing else, discussing your symptoms with him/her sooner will buy you some peace of mind.

Your symptoms could be related to the pregancy, but might be treatable anyway. (The itching can get really horrible and can be treated.) They will likely test you for STDs and you will have to wait for the results.

If you happen to go into labor before your results come back then be sure to tell your nurse and doctor about the STD chance at the hospital (or birthing center) so that they can work to minimize the exposure of your baby and take any precautions that they might need to keep your baby healthy.

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