Baby led weaning and baby food?

ashley *mo

I want to baby led wean but with baby led weaning I heard you are not supposed to start with pureed foods.

Diego seems very interested in food (he trys to take my food when I eat and eat it and he watches him eat and drink all the time)

Can I still start baby food and baby led wean?
he is 4 1/2 months

One of the parts of baby led weaning is allowing the baby to self-feed. You can not self-feed with commercially prepared pureed food. One of the points of baby led weaning is to skip commercially prepared foods and wait until your baby is ready for table foods. It is normal for babies to show interest when others eat or drink, but it is not the only indication a baby is ready for baby led weaning. Baby led weaning is not typically done with babies under 6 months and is more common with exclusively breast fed infants. We did a form of baby led weaning with our youngest. She was not quite 7 months old when we began offering her bites of food from our plates. At the time we had no idea there was even such a thing as baby led weaning, we simply decided that I would nurse her until she was showing interest in feeding herself. One of the things we did was cut her food into bite-sized pieces whereas it is more common for babies to be given a chunk of food to gnaw on. Instead, we allowed her to feed herself, but the pieces were small. We never gave her anything that had been pureed or mashed. If it was soft or could be cut into small pieces she ate it. If you use baby food than you are not doing baby led weaning. One of the things we also did was we rarely actually fed our daughter, she was the one who controlled everything she put in her mouth. The exception was foods such as oatmeal, yogurt, and applesauce. At first we helped her scoop these foods with a spoon, but never really spoon fed them to her. She held the spoon. It was messy, but that's what bibs are for plus we have 2 dogs who always were close by during meal/snack times.

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