What causes a baby rash?

Breann Lop

How do babys get rashs?

Well, it can be for various reasons. One, staying in wet diaper too long. Especially if it is poo. Make sure to change diaper more often, if this is the case, and put lots of baby cream on baby's private parts. There are creams made especially to calm down diaper rash, for example,Boudreaux's Butt Paste. In other cases, to keep skin soft and protected, it would be good to use really moist baby cream, good one is Weleda calendula cream.
Two, it can be due to heat, baby is sweating and gets rash. In that case, you will take most of clothes from baby (some people leave baby only in diaper, I myself don't feel comfortable if baby is moving around house and rubbing it's gentle skin agains floors and carpets, no matter how clean they are).
Three, it can be some type of eczema. That is medical/health problem, caused by allergy to something baby got in touch with. For example, my second baby had eczema from the day one :(, because he was oversensitive to some proteins in formula (and every single formula has that type of proteins). In this case, baby can only wear 100% cotton clothes, his clothes should be washed seperately because you can not use fabric-softener, and it should be rinsed twice. Also, skin care products should be for sensitive skin, or even specifficaly, for problematic baby skin, it is mentioned in description of some of those products. For example, I tryed Dr Bronner's line, it was really good.

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