MAke your own baby food?

Q. I want my baby to be more healthy and I would like to try making her own baby food? How should I do this is it hard? what should I buy to make it easy?

making baby food is not hard at all. i have a baby bullet and it comes w everything u need, including a book w recipes and schedules. it tells u what they can and cant have at each age. it also grows w them you can freeze baby food in the included trays or make fruit popsicles when they are old enough. it has a freezer tray, storage cups w a dial to set what date you made it, 2 blender tops small and big, with puree settings and more, 2 books and a spatula spoon thing. its $59s in the u.s. and you could get it cheaper used online im sure.the only part i hate is cleaning up. its not as quick as throwing the premade baby food container away lol.

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