How is the proposed deduction for breast feeding equipment any different from the mortgage interest deduction?

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The mortgage interest deduction doesn't require everyone to go out an buy a house! It just says that if you have a mortgage, you can take a tax deduction on the portion that is interest.

If you CHOOSE to breasfeed, and need a pump, you can deduct it as a medical supply. If you CHOOSE to feed your baby formula, you don't get the deduction.

What is wrong with that?

Breast pumps are not "medical equipment". It is related to feeding your baby. Of course it is healthier; buying a swing set or bicycle for your kid promotes health too. Are they going to be tax-deductible too? Medical expenses are supposed to be for things used to treat or prevent disease, not promote health. That is why things like vitamins and health club dues are not covered either. If we are opening up the door to expanding the definition of medical expenses to items that improve our health, I want to deduct my treadmill and other fitness equipment.

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