any suggestions on getting a baby to sleep longer?

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My baby girl is 9 months old. Has never slept through the night. She is breasfeed. Lately, she has not slept longer then 2 hours at a time. Does anyone have any good secrets to putting her down and keeping her asleep?
I bathe her and read to her and start to put her to sleep around 830pm- usually takes a half hour of back rubbing to get her asleep. Then every 2 hours she pops her head up- I wait a few min to see if she will go back down, but that uaually leads to crying. If this is how she is, that is fine, but I feel like there is more I could do, something I am not doing right.
Thanks you!

I can't remember what I did at that age with my DD, but we were cosleeping (by choice) so I'm sure she woke up several times a night. I highly recommend the book "The No Cry Sleep Solution" by Elizabeth Pantly, it helped us establish a nighttime routine and bedtime with our first baby.

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