Do you think mothers who formula feed their babies without a medical reason should be overseen by CPS?

breasfeed on learned that there are two distinct phases of how babies breastfeed ...
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Q. The way I see it is, in this day and age we know the risks of formula feeding (yes, they are real risks), they are well publicised and help is out there to breasfeed.
If a mother is not prepared to give her child the best start to life with something as simple as breastfeeding, shouldn't we be worried about what else she may do to her children?
Please note I stated mothers who are fully able to breastfeed.

And how would you determine who is 'fully able to breastfeed?' What reasons would be good enough?

Don't you think CPS is busy enough without having to investigate every woman who buys a can of formula?

(And, if the investigation happens, then what? Baby is taken from the mother and put into foster care and ... fed formula because there is no way you could find enough lactating foster moms to meet the demand.)

We live in a free society. In free societies we are allowed to make choices, even choices that others might not agree with or that aren't the 'best' ones.

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