What are the benefits to having a baby sleep in your bed?

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 on ... is impossible to sleep while travelling if a baby is crying | TopNews
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Q. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and am not planning on having my baby sleep in with us as I'm afraid I might squash the baby, the baby might fall out of the bed or the baby might get into bad habits and not want to sleep in a bed of it's own.<br>
A good point would be that you don't have to get out of bed if the baby cries, but this isn't enough to persuade me.<br>
Opinions ladies?<br>
Thanks :) x

Do you like sleep?<br>
If you co-sleep with your baby then your baby won't even GET to the crying stage because once they start to grunt, squirm, and smack their lips together you will present your breast (while laying down) and your baby will latch on and probably fall back asleep while nursing. You probably will too. <3<br>
My baby has been awake at night fewer times than I can count on my hand since he was born because he sleep nurses through the night and so do I.<br>
You won't squish your baby. Trust me. Human beings evolved co-sleeping and mothers have this built in instinct that allows us to safely sleep with our babies. :-) <br>
By co-sleeping with your baby, your baby more quickly realizes that night is for sleeping and day is for being awake and napping because they will see you sleeping when they open their eyes. They'll feel safe sleeping at night later on!<br>
I stopped co-sleeping with my twins at around 10-11 months and they didn't cry at all. It was pretty easy actually.<br>
One thing you can get is an arm's reach co-sleeper. I used that with my twins and usually use it with my 3 month old to sleep in. It attaches right to my bed so I can nurse him and put him back. That said, the last 2 nights he has slept in bed because it's cold up in New England right now and I REFUSE to buy more heating oil in almost June... but that's another topic. lol <br>
I recommend looking up and purchasing one of those. They make a great play pen too so even if you don't ever use it as a co-sleeper, at least you'll have a great play pen!

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