How do you get a baby to switch to sleeping at night instead of durning the day?

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Baby sleeps great during the day up through mid-night. Then she turns into a wide awke baby. What's the best way to change her sleeping habits?

You need to start "forcing" a new schedule on your daughter. Keep her up when she wants to sleep all day, even if she is miserable for the first few days. Keep her as happy as you can, keep her busy, but avoid situations and activities that will make her fall asleep. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, go as long as you can without going in her room. If 15 minutes of crying passes, go in, pat her gently but leave her in the crib, speak soothingly to her, then go back to bed. Do this every 15-30 minutes if you have to at first, then extend the time if you can. She will need to know that you are there and she has comfort, but that it is by no means time to get up and play. Over a week or so, the combination of not getting to rest all day, and learning that you will not take her out of her crib during the middle of the night, should work together to create change. Learning to self-soothe is also one of the best skills a baby can master.

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