Can I still Breasfeed?


I had my son May 15th and my hospital stay was extra long due to an infection that I had developed after giving birth. I was really sick and was off and on several different antibiotics. They said that due to the infection and antibiotics, that I couldn't breastfeed until at least 48-72 hours after my last dose of antibiotics. I didn't pump while I was in the hospital because I was soooo very sick, I just didn't have the energy to do it really. My question is, since I didn't pump and I haven't been breastfeeding this whole time, is it possible to still breastfeed my son? My milk has come in and it hasn't dried up yet...any advice or help would be nice. I've called the lactation consultant several times since I was released from the hospital Wednesday and I haven't received a call back yet. So I thought I'd try this site. Thanks!!

First off.....congrats on your new baby. may have gotten bad advice to start with as many antibiotics are safe to take while nursing. :-(

Third.....YES you can still try to nurse. Start putting baby to the breast and start trying to bring in your supply. Contact a Lactation Consultant and/or a La Leche League Leader for help. LLL will help for FREE and for your situation you might find a Leader who would visit you at home. (If the LC isn't returning your calls, have them put you through to the desk in the maternity unit of the hospital and find out her hours or have her paged! Or ask if there is a breastfeeding support group meeting at the hospital.)

Check out and look at the section on relactation.

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