Is it alright to eat baby food?

Q. My sister is 23 years old working (and not mentally challenged) she just likes the taste of baby food.. the kind you buy in supermarkets like Gerber or Cerelac. I was just wondering if there are any side-effects because she was having stomach aches. I don't know if its the baby food or if she ate something bad.
its not her way of losing weight.. she still eats "adult" food.. she just eats those apple sauce and milk based mush in the morning for breakfast..

Baby food is perfectly healthy. If it weren't, babies would suffer malnutrition worse than they already do. It does, however, tend to have a lot of sugar, salt, preservatives, and flavor additives, so it's more like "baby tv dinner" than actual food. Which is probably why she likes it, if she was raised on it, and if she tends towards fast food and junk foods. It tastes more like junk food than most "real" food.

The only side effects might be high blood pressure or diabetes, and that's just as likely with a lousy diet of non-baby foods. But if she's eating the same variety of foods that she would have eaten in non-pureed adult foods.. then there's no effects that are going to be better or worse than what she'd eat otherwise.

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