Strange sleeping patterns of baby...please help.?


I have a 11 week old baby and am confused about his sleep habit. I live in US and am currently on vacation in India. I came to India 10 days ago. While in the US my baby used to hardly sleep during the day....and even when he did sleep he was a very light sleeper.

Now in India he is sleeping like a log. I am not complainig but am confused. First I thought it's jet lag...India is 10 hours ahead of practically day and night difference. But I feel that this isnt even jet lag....he sleeps for a stretch of 5-6 hours during the day and sometimes in such deep sleep that he wont wake up even if I try. Maybe its the change in weather? I calcuated the time he sleeps in India and it's not night in he isnt sleeping his night sleep.

For the past 2-3 days he sleeps around 3.30 pm and wakes up around 9 pm. Although it's great....I feel that should I wake him up so he sleeps better at night? He did sleep once at night around 11 pm for 5 straight hours. I am confused.

Babies sleep patterns change drastically from the 8 week marker on. They start sleeping longer spells at a time, and deeper more productive sleep. They make up their own patterns, and if you dont help them set functional ones they'll continue on with whatever they decide. Such as sleeping all day and not at night.

With your situation theres also the added factor of a new environment and daily activities.

Just try switching his schedule around so he's sleeping more at night, and less during the day. Keep in in noisy bright places at day time ( he will need a few hours a couple times a day to take naps, or he will become over stiumlated and exhausted), and keep the lights dim and noise down at night.

It'll take a few days or weeks, but eventually it will even out.

Its really normal for his age, and expected for your circumstances.

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