To Breastfeed or not to breasfeed???

Q. i am due in just about 9 weeks and i haven't decided whether to breast feed or give formula. with my first, i gave formula. and he turned out fine. my mom only breast fed me and my sisters for like 2 weeks, again, we are all very healty. i am going back to work, full time, 6 weeks after having the baby. a part of me wants too but a part of me thinks it'll be too difficult when i go back to work. plus i have a thyroid condition that i am on medication for. i also don't want to hear any negative remarks from the mother-in-law, again. last time, i was in so much pain after having him, i just couldn't do it. what do you think?

Formula is VERY expensive, breastfeeding can be a pain once in a while, more if you're not into doing it around other people- but it is healthier and soooo much cheaper :

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