feeding your budgie baby food?

Q. i heard you can feed your budgie baby food witch flavors or with type is best and probably tast best? (this wil not be a staple food)

Baby food is a processed food and you cannot be assured that it is very fresh - think about how long those bottles sit on those shelves and how long the expiration date says that they are good for- that is not fresh. The normal human system can tolerate a lot more stuff that would kill a bird. Besides once a bottle of baby food is open - you are now going to keep a opened jar of food in your refrigerator for how long and only spoon out a spoonful a day for the bird- talk about really giving old food that is going bad quickly- most human babies finish off a bottle of food in 2 day( about how long you should only keep an opened jar of baby food) My microbiology teacher would be having a fit because even in a 40 degree refrigerator - microbes and bacteria is still growing- (that is why stuff in the back of the refrigerator look like gross science projects). Stick to fresh or go to a natural food store and get a stick or two of dried fruit like the sulfer free dried papaya and dice that up and give that in the winter time when all you get are apples from where ever or grapes.

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